Proven tools to connect and transform.

Our Vision
We encourage our youth to be accountable for their own thoughts, feelings
and actions thus helping them to become fully responsible citizens of the world in which we are all a part of.

Our Mission
To create a safe environment for our youth to cultivate a sense of security,
confidence and self-assurance within themselves.

Our Philosophy
We understand that every single one of us has intrinsic value and unique gifts to offer to the world. Our program serves as a catalyst to help our youth explore their talents, build a strong sense of self worth and contribute to our world, in a positive and meaningful way.

Our History
We are a non-profit that is making personal growth accessible to all, and
in doing so providing people with tools to change themselves and the world.
Organizations and individuals talk about changing the world, but many of their methodologies are missing something. Change starts from within. At Low Entropy we see personal growth as a vehicle for global change.

Our Program
Youth Empowering Youth (Y.E.Y.) is an nine-week program facilitated by two
trained volunteers who are passionate about helping our youth. The program is offered once a week for 2 hours in a class like setting that highly encourages student participation. Each class shares a new concept to help students take accountability for their thoughts, feelings and actions, thus moving them into a place of confidence, security and self-assurance.

Upon completion of this program, students are offered an opportunity to take on a leadership role and co-facilitate future courses to help empower more youth within the community.

Y.E.Y. implements the ideas demonstrated in the Success for Teens book. The topics shared during this nine-week program are as follows:

Week 1 – Little Things Matter
Week 2 – Attitude is Everything
Week 3 – Use the Moment
Week 4 – Everything Starts with Small Steps
Week 5 – There’s No Such Thing As Failure
Week 6 – Habits Are Powerful
Week 7 – You’re Always Learning
Week 8 – Make Your Dreams Into Reality
Week 9 – Graduation & Next Steps

You can download your free copy of Success for Teens here: SFT

Next online Youth Empowering Youth Program begins April 21st

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