Robert Thornton is YEY’s Project Manager and a Facilitator when needed.  During his time away from YEY Robert is a Director of a Private College; who, holds education in Finance, Philosophy, Commerce, Administration, Teaching, Leadership and Innovation.  Robert’s passion for learning allows him to inspire, motivate and mentor students both in College and within YEY, ensuring each student extracts as much value as possible from their respective educational programs.  In his spare time, Robert has a passion for value investing receiving un-official mentorship from the likes of Charlie Munger, Ray Dalio, and Phil Town.  A former facilitator with the Junior Achievement of British Columbia, Robert has also held key positions as a Chief Financial Officer, Secretary and Presidential positions of both business associations and non-profit organizations.  A former All Canadian Athlete of the Year in College and a Two Time Back to Back World Champion in professional soccer, Robert has transferred the characteristics of efficient hard work, dedication, leadership and perseverance from the professional sports arena and into the business world.