Purpose @ Work – Unleashing your team potential

Discover the magic of purpose to improve culture and team performance.

While your organization may have a vision and mission, can you and your team articulate or achieve its purpose? Do you want to improve employee engagement, culture, and performance? Do you know how to embed purpose authentically and more deeply into your organization?

Shared Purpose
This half-day workshop will help define, clarify and connect your organization's purpose with your people's own purpose. Working with individuals and teams, we help your organization unleash the potential of purpose-driven work and relationships.

Making a Difference
People can move mountains when they are passionate and committed to something worthwhile. We help your team(s) find the magic ingredient that will inspire them to reach high, stay true, and find fulfillment through making a difference at work.

Team Actualization
By empowering employee and organizational self-awareness, you will experience a powerful shift in culture, productivity, and loyalty. Through values and purpose alignment, we help you create an inspiring work environment and actualize untapped team potential and personal growth.

Half-day workshop: $3,000 + $100 per participant
90-minute consultation: Included
Follow-up Purpose coaching (one-on-one): Available upon request


William Koty

With a bachelors degree in world business and a masters degree in international policy studies, a few years as a professional chef in San Francisco, and a dozen years in California’s software industry, William eventually found himself a fulfilling career at the University of British Columbia. Most recently as Director of the UBC Continuing Studies Centre for Sustainability, and before that in a variety of roles, he stretched his creativity as never before, developing a host of programs at the intersection of business and technology, making a difference in the lives of thousands of students.

Now retired as Program Director Emeritus, UBC Extended Learning, his search for understanding the world continues along with his perpetual quest for greater meaning. So, what has he discovered so far?

“I’ve been doing a lot of doing ~ not a lot of being!”

On his journey of self-discovery as an educator, meditator and reflective thinker on the human condition, William has realized his greatest contribution to the world is in developing opportunities for individuals, teams and companies to stretch their own sense of self to be the best they can be for themselves and the world.

William has designed and facilitated many programs and workshops over the years, and today is the co-creator/facilitator of our Purpose @ Work and Discover Your Purpose workshops.

Charlie James

As an immigrant to Canada with a business degree from London, I had worked my way up the corporate ladder and, defying the proverbial glass-ceiling, had managed to become Senior VP for a large national company. The year my parents died was a turning point in my career.  While happily married and proud mother of three wonderful children, I quit my corporate job and began my quest for greater meaning.

As a graduate of UBC’s Sustainability Leadership program, and with my eyes opened wide to the devastating consequences of climate change, I became a passionate advocate for the environment and sustainable business.  As a sustainability consultant, I led workshops, spoke at conferences across North America, and spearheaded a national green certification program for the tourism industry.

Giving my heart, soul, and best efforts to convince industry leaders to shift their focus from profit to planet, I found myself burning the candle at both ends, exhausting myself in my quest to help others.  It was only while attending the Social Venture Institute at Hollyhock that Joel Solomon’s wise words struck home ~ How could I be promoting sustainability when I clearly was not sustaining myself?

So, pausing my independent crusade, I joined the team at Junxion, an established consulting firm whose passionate partners in London and Vancouver help business leaders do the right thing for their employees, their community and the planet.  Not only did I find ‘my tribe’, I also found my overarching purpose: to support change-makers in making the difference they want to see in the world. My focus today is helping organizations, teams, and individuals refine and fulfill their purpose, both personally and professionally.

Having spent hours - if not months - talking to people about their hopes, fears and dreams for the future of their family, their business, their community and our planet, I discovered my true calling:

“I love helping people step outside themselves to find their bigger purpose, and step inside themselves to create a more empowered and fulfilling life."

Wanting to apply this passion to both individuals and organizations, I became a certified Integral coach so that I can help people and teams align their values, integrate their visions and fulfill their purpose.