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Many of us crave deep, meaningful relationships. Most of us want authentic friendships with people who understand and accept us, just as we are. One of the best gifts one can give is a friendship that is based on respect and compassion. A friendship that helps bring out the best in each other is one that’s fueled by kindness and consideration for each others thoughts, feelings and well being.

We understand that life can be confusing at times, it can seem challenging and sometimes we may feel like no one really “gets me.” Here is an opportunity to connect with someone who has the capacity to understand you. Our compassionate connectors are heart-centered, unconditionally loving people who have the most amazing ability to “hold space” for others.

If you would like to connect with someone on a deep, meaningful level, send us an email and we'll make the connection.


Meet the Team

Our Compassionate Connectors are chosen based on one criteria - their remarkable ability to hold space of acceptance and respect for others.


Compassionate Connector


Compassionate Connector

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We offer free compassionate connections through phone, skype or in person.

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