Explore Consciousness with Tom Campbell

Explore consciousness as Tom Campbell guides you through a day of evidential exercises such as Remote Viewing, Energy Healing and Telepathic Communication. Discover your direct connection with Source and learn how these “abilities” are available to you at any time.

Tom Campbell, Nasa physicist, began researching altered states of consciousness with Bob Monroe in the early 1970s, Tom was instrumental in getting Monroe's laboratory for the study of consciousness up and running. These early drug-free consciousness pioneers helped design experiments, developed the technology for creating specific altered states, and were the main subjects of study (guinea pigs) all at the same time.

Campbell has been a serious explorer of the frontiers of reality, mind, consciousness, and psychic phenomena for the last forty years. Using his acquired mastery of the Out Of Body Experience as a research tool, Campbell focused his work toward discovering the outer boundaries, inner workings, and causal dynamics of the larger reality system.

In February of 2003, Tom published the My Big TOE trilogy (MBT) which represents the results and conclusions of his scientific exploration of the nature of existence. This overarching model of reality, mind, and consciousness explains the paranormal as well as the normal, places spirituality within a scientific context, solves a host of scientific paradoxes and provides direction for those wishing to personally experience an expanded awareness of All That Is.

On May 16th, 2020, Tom will share his model with us, answers questions and guides us through experiential exercises that help us form deep, meaningful connections with ourselves, each other and The Larger Consciousness System.

Be a part of History – At the MBT Los Angeles event in 2016, Tom announced physics experiments that will dramatically alter our understanding of the nature of reality. This year Tom and his team are aiming to conduct, document and share the results of these experiments with the world, thus helping to create a Global Paradigm Shift moving us from Fear to Love.

Tom will share details of this movement at our MBT Vancouver Event, don’t miss out on this exciting news, learn how you too can be a part of History in the making!


Doors open at 9:15am – Seating, first come first serve, unless you purchased a VIP ticket.

9:30am – Introduction to Tom Campbell and MBT

9:45am – Tom Campbell shares updates from MBT & the experiments

10am – Question & Answer Session

11:45am – Wrap up the morning session, go over details for the afternoon and break for lunch.

12:00pm – Lunch

1:30pm – Afternoon session: Remote Viewing, Energy Healing & Telepathic Communication

3:00pm – Break

3:15pm- Question & Answer Session

5:00pm – Closing Ceremony, Pictures & Book Signing with Tom

5:30pm – Event wraps up

Please note, lunch is not included in the admission. There are many convenient options available near our venue and we’ll have a local vendor providing the sale of food and drinks onsite.

The MBT reality model explains metaphysics, spirituality, love, and human purpose at the most fundamental level, provides a complete theory of consciousness, and solves the outstanding fundamental physics problems of our time. As a logic-based work of science, My Big TOE has no basis in belief, dogma, or any unusual assumptions.

"My intent is to set your mind free to find truth, not to pile on another layer of belief on top of what you already have or replace one of your current beliefs with a new one.”

“Freedom - spiritual, emotional, and intellectual freedom - provides the necessary environment for learning. Open minded skepticism is the primary tool you will need to maintain a free mind capable of significant evolutionary progress"

Thomas Campbell, author of My Big TOE

This is a non-profit event. Tom does not asked to be compensated for his talks. This event will serve as a fundraiser for The Low Entropy Foundation, a volunteer based, non-profit organization that provides free resources for truth seekers.

Join us for a memorable experience and help support a good cause!

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