EQ Training for Corporations

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1) Mindfulness in the workplace

Mindfulness helps us to effectively manage stress and increase resiliency while promoting self-care. If we work from a place of chaos and reactivity, we become less innovative, miss opportunities to strategize, make poor choices and lose sight of the big picture. This workshop facilitates how to cultivate a mindfulness practice in the workplace to optimize personal and organizational health and performance. Mindfulness in the workplace will help employees to manage their minds & emotions to inspire and influence others.

Additional benefits include:

- Improved focus
- Clear communication
- Increased productivity
- Enhanced workplace relationships
- Effective conflict management
- Confidence in navigating change and uncertainty
- Create a culture of mindfulness

2) Emotional Intelligence in the workplace

The workplace is effective when employees work together harmoniously. Emotional-intelligence skills support collaboration, open communication, increase transparency, reduce posturing and limit the ego. Our EI workshop helps employees to define emotional intelligence and recognize the power of emotions. This interactive workshop induces positive synergy and influences employees to work together for the greater good of the organization succeeding.

Additional benefits include:

- Healthy thinking, productive habits & thoughtful actions
- Build the core competencies (self-awareness, emotional management and connection)
- Understand the science that drives our emotional behavior
- Connect with the emotions that drive the behavior of others
- Apply techniques to skillfully manage one’s emotions when under pressure
- Greater success with organizational transformation efforts
- Strategic advantage of highly engaged teams and individuals
- Greater capacity to navigate change
- Increased employee commitment leading to greater discretionary effort

3) Purpose @ Work - Unleashing your team potential

While your organization may have a vision and mission, can you and your team articulate or achieve its purpose? Do you want to improve employee engagement, culture, and performance? Do you know how to embed purpose authentically and more deeply into your organization?  

Learn more here: Unleashing your team potential


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