Conscious Connections

We started Conscious Connections in July, 2015, since then we have grown to become a warm, friendly community of kind-hearted people who welcome all and everyone to join us for some "Real Talk."

We open every meeting with check-ins and introductions before moving into a round table discussion related to the "topic of choice" (different topic every week). After our discussion, we practice a hands on exercise to integrate the ideas from the session and we wrap up our gathering with a closing circle.

The purpose of our meeting is to come together and collectively hold compassionate, loving space for each other. We do our best to suspend judgement and we refrain from criticism. We recognize when judgement comes up and we understand that judgement to be a reflection of ourselves. If I'm having a judgement, it says more about me, then it does about the person I may be judging. This awareness helps us to let go of judgement and replace it with compassion and acceptance for everyone in the room.

The intention of Conscious Connections is to create a safe and supportive environment, this encourages everyone to show up and be real. We do our best to check our ego's at the door and we show up in complete authenticity. We support each other by finding the similarity in everyone's words, this is not a place for debate or criticism... this is a place for love and acceptance. The safe space we create gives everyone an opportunity to be seen, heard and understood for who they truly are.

We hold compassionate space for one another by focusing on the positive qualities of everyone. While listening to the each other, we look for the best in each person, we see that person in a loving space of kindness, support and acceptance for who they are. When we see others in this positive light, it helps them to recognize their own beauty and uniqueness.

We accept each other, flaws and all... we realize no one is perfect,  and we understand that we're all here on this planet, just doing the best we can. We can be so hard on each other and we can be really hard on ourselves. Conscious Connections provides the space for us to begin being gentle with one another... including ourselves. It's an interesting phenomena; when you're immersed in a loving space with people who only see the best in you, it allows you to start seeing the best in yourself.

We choose to lift each other up, rather than put each other down. By encouraging, supporting and focusing on the positive attributes of everyone in the room, we always walk away with new insights, connections and lots of Love.

Hope you'll join us!
"Imagine what seven billion humans could accomplish if we all Loved and Respected each other... Imagine"

For more information, please visit our meetup page for dates, times and locations:

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