About Us

Our Approach

We provide free resources for those who may be seeking inspiration, meaning or purpose. We offer opportunities for growth, connection and self introspection. Through various free courses, support groups and one on one connections, we help each other come to a place of self-acceptance. This is the foundation for all meaningful relationships to flourish.

Our Story

We started this journey in July 2015, on the beach of Rocky Point in Port Moody, BC. There were ten of us gathered around to hold space for each other, helping each of us begin the process of self-introspection. Conscious Connections was our first peer sharing circle and since then we have added additional groups to help facilitate personal growth. Check out our “Services” page for more info!

Meet the Team

The mandatory component for our board of directors is the “ability to see the best in others.” We look at others through the eyes of acceptance, compassion and unconditional love. When we see each other this way, it helps us see the best in ourselves and together we bring out the best in each other